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Tuesday, September 05, 2006
t-shirt nazi

I have learned this week that an announcement was made at West Monroe High School that skulls are now banned from any article of clothing worn by students. 


Is this what we are spending our time on in the school board meetings? Banning the image of an x-ray'd human head?

My son has a skull shirt from a local clothing company called Mojos.  Instead of teaching the idea of promoting local business in his free enterprise class, apparently the idea is to teach, "you are what you wear and skulls are scary to us normal folks".

Only once has anyone said anything to him about his clothes.  He was wearing a t-shirt which was vaguly flame-ish and a teacher told him that he shouldn't be wearing demonic clothes to school.  To which he pointed at the kid next to him and replied, "Hey, don't look at me, that guy's wearing a Jesus shirt."

I love my son.

There was no reason given for this absurb ban.  Possibly, they just didn't like the connotation that the image of the skull conjures up. 

Two words here.  Johnny Reb.  School Mascot.

School Flag: confederate (rebel) flag

Another student theory being passed around is that "they" don't want anyone banding together as gangs and using the skull as a symbol.  As we already know, even just simple colors and strips of fabric can be used to identify gangs, so really, what's the problem here? 

I'm not sure when Jolly Roger became such a bad thing.  The whole idea is just silly.

So, please, West Monroe High School, maintain some sort of sense of humor here. 

After all, I maintained mine when your HIGH SCHOOL football team got astro-turf.

Posted at 04:24 pm by angryalchemist

EV, fka Jagged
November 26, 2006   09:00 PM PST
I think Seth already said what I wanted to, and better as well.

My high school was similar...not as bad, grant you, but the dress code there was horribly sexist towards I tried to break it as often as possible. When they called me in and tried to dismiss me from school for wearing a shirt that said "Fuck Sexism", I basically flipped them the bird because hey--I had early release and was on my way home when they stopped me. Then I made an armband with a yellow Star of David on it and wore it to school.....and no one caught the reference. Sad.

And yes, you are an awesome mother and your son rocks. Which was said already but bears repeating.

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